Hoorah, hello and welcome to the BabyDub website. We hope you’ve enjoyed navigating your way around a little before you landed here, because now we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and fill you in on the how, where and why BabyDub came to be…

It all began on a warm August evening, in a car bound for Dublin, en route from Limerick. We, Fiona & Gerry that is, had spent a lovely few days in that splendid city, amongst other cool places, having had what we’ve heard called a kind of “Babymoon”. Almost 7 months pregnant and full of the joys of a full night’s sleep, we got to talking about all the deadly sayings from around Ireland, but in particular Dublin (we are proud Dubliner’s so please excuse the bias) and wouldn’t it be even deadlier to have these printed onto baby clothes, as there was nothing quite like it on the market at the moment.

We believed it our duty to get this idea off the ground, if not for the good people of Ireland then purely for our own selfish comic relief!

With Gerry being a print afficionado and web developer. Fiona a bonafide fashion designer. No sooner could you have said “Jaysus” and BabyDub had been born! Rejoice!

The months that followed were spent researching the machinery. Working on the branding. Sourcing the cutest of garments to print on and developing the designs.

We have fun Dublin/Irish slogans in a wide array. A pretty impressive catalogue of super-cute prints and graphics and a completely bespoke personalisation service. Don’t just take our word for it, please go check out the merchandise!

From the very first moment we’ve always been certain that BabyDub should be a tough act to follow! Therefore we proudly design and print all our product from our home in North County Dublin, injecting it with a little bit of wit and lot of personality…the kind that can only be found in Ireland!

We hope you love all the gear as much as we do!

Fiona, Gerry and the original BabyDub herself…Robyn